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The Exploding Star Podcast Episode 3 | Cicadas | Bob Lazar | Kyle Rittenhouse | Trans Athletes

May 11, 2021

In this episode of The Exploding Star Podcast, me and Tony continue our discussion of the Kyle Rittenhouse situation, as well as many other topics.  

In the first part of the episode, Tony pledges to eat one of the most abundant and high-protein snacks available...cicadas!  The only prerequisites are that The Exploding Star Podcast YouTube channel hits 10 subscribers, and he makes one sale on his website referred from YouTube or the audio podcast.  He seems to think that a little olive oil and garlic will change the large house-fly-looking insects into a tasty snack.

Next we dive a little deeper into the Kyle Rittenhouse situation.  We look at the available video evidence, and break down the legal and moral issues surrounding both the Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, as well as the shootings by the young Rittenhouse.  

Next, we take a look at Bob Lazar and Tom Delonge and evaluate the probability that aliens are visiting earth.  We evaluate the credibility of the relevant players, and give our takes on the physical evidence.

We finish off the show with a cursory look at trans-gender issues.  This is a hot topic in the news, and I wanted to at least open a discussion around some of the issues facing the trans community.

The audio in this episode is a little wonky as a result of some technical difficulties, and our next show will be of much higher audio quality.  I want to give special thanks to everyone who listens and watches this week.  Given the difficulties we had, I am very happy with the quality of the content and I know you will enjoy how much fun we have tackling these complicated issues.

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