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Episode 4: Isreal-Palestine Conflict, Kenosha Post-Mortem, UFOs are Real

May 19, 2021

In this week's episode, we finish our series looking at the Kenosha unrest. After that we take a look at UFO footage and talk about the fact that congress is asking for a report.

Next, we have to take a look at what is happening in Gaza as it's something we both have been following for many years. Tony drops a bombshell that Alan Dershowitz is in his contact list.

We briefly examine how Facebook memes begin and then wrap up the show.

We have moved the show to a new platform, and as a result the audio is finally improved. However, issues that are completely my fault resulted in having to overlay the clips in the edit and there are going to be some massive mistakes with the timing of those overlays. I have ordered a new SSD and that should take care of any future need to overlay footage in the edit.

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