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International Tensions, Joe Rogan and the Zapatista Indigenous Anarchist Movement | ESP 29

Welcome back to the show!  In this week's episode, we cover a range of topics including tensions brewing between the U.S. and Venezuala and China, we have a heated debate following the Joe Rogan appearance of Sanjay Gupta and policy around young healthy males needing the vaccine, as well as a lengthy discussion about the indigenous Zapatista movement in southern Mexico in Chiapas including a look at the political structure.  Thanks for watching and have an excellent rest of your week.  Check out all of our stuff and contact us by visiting our landing page.

Squid Game and S. Korean Unions | Dave Chappelle‘s The Closer | The Bell Curve | Kellogg‘s Strike | Mr. Olympia | ESP 28

Welcome back to the show.  In this week's episode, we discuss Dave Chappelle's new special The Closer and whether or not he is transphobic and/or being cancelled, and current events including the Mr. Olympia results.  Tony talks about his experience reading The Bell Curve and what his initial impressions are with relation to liberal media.  We discuss the Kellogg's nationwide worker strike, before getting into our main segment on Squid Game, the hot new Netflix show and how it is influenced directly by the epic class struggle that has been taking place in South Korea since the 60's.  The stories of how violent the government plus business reaction to workers fighting for basic labor rights are heartbreaking and horrific.  Thanks for listening and have an excellent rest of your week. Check out our homepage to get a hold of us. 

Fighting Geodude, What are Tankies, and The Cuba Controversy | ESP 27

Welcome back!  This week, we take check out the wrestler who was born missing the lower half of his body, Zion Clark, as well as an elected representative of North Carolina going off on a political cartoon in the first part of the show.  We next dig into an introductory explanation of the tankie pejorative as it is being used online.  This lead us into a discussion about Cuba's political system and how we should think about it.  What can it teach us and would it be possible to bring democracy to the island.   We finish up the show with a look at David Friedman, grandson of Libertarian founder Milton Friedman, and his views on how anarcho-capitalism can improve society.

Thanks for watching, and have an excellent rest of your week.

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Making an Anarchist and Building a Coaolition for Democracy | Proudhon, Chomsky, and Workers of the World

In this week's episode, after discussing the Wheel of Time TV show coming out later in the year, and a possible progressive speaker of the house, we launch into an introductory look at the political philosophy known as anarchism, or libertarian socialism.  From it's roots in France to it's adoption by one of the largest companies in Spain, this movement based on democracy, both in the political system AND in the workplace is my idea of a better world.  But, is it Tony's?  Can he be talked into giving his blessing to a movement that has been demonized since it's very inception in the 1800's?  Find out!  In this week's episode of The Exploding Star Podcast.  Thanks for listening and have an excellent rest of your week.  Please check out our homepage for all of our contact information.

Immigration Conspiracy and the Reagan Doctrine | U.S. Interventionism in the Americas

Welcome Back!  This episode is dedicated to Hispanic Heritage Month.  We cover the conspiracism around U.S. immigration policy by looking at the actual numbers and refugee law in the first half of the show.  In the second half, we cover a few of the U.S. military actions in Central and South America that overthrew democratic governments, such as Nicragua and El Salvador.  We tie the two subjects together as a way to point out the flow of economic refugees arriving at the U.S. southern border can be directly attributed to the Reagan Doctrine.  Thanks for watching and have an excellent rest of your week. Visit our website for all of our content.  Our Homepage

IQ, Hierarchies, and Inevitability | Jordan Peterson Deep Dive

Welcome back to a debate surrounding the ideas of Jordan Peterson.  Peterson talks about a couple of ideas specifically that I take issue with, including IQ and hierarchies which, as an anarchist, I find particularly offensive.  Tony defends some of his statements from the position that Peterson is a professor of evolutionary psychology, but can he defend them all?  Find out in this week's episode of The Exploding Star Podcast!  Thanks for listening.  Check out our website for all of our info, and have an excellent rest of your week.  Our Website

Elon Musk Genius Entrepenuer and George Bush Era Revealed, Anthrax and Human Pyramids, The ESP 23

In this week's show, we start off with a few current events and then head into a discussion around Elon Musk.  We go through his major milestones and background, and I try to verify the validity of meritocracy claims in a segment  called The Genius Entrepreneur. 

In the second half of the show, we go through the events of 2001 and their fallout, including the twin towers, the anthrax attacks, the Patriot Act, invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, Guantanamo Bay and Abu Graib prisons and their respective history of torture and waterboarding.  

Thanks for watching and have an excellent rest of your week.

Crowder is Back | Robots are Taking our Jobs | Direct Democracy in California and on the Job | ESP 22

Welcome back to the show!  In this week's episode, we start off by taking a look at the brilliant comedic genius of Stephen Crowder as he triggers the libs, then we look at restrictions put in place by the Chinese government on minors playing online games.  We talk about the Gavin Newsom recall election and direct democracy. We touch on SB8 and the other Texas laws as well as the "shadow docket" process.  In the second half of the show we continue our discussion of economics and the economic and political system we would like to see and the policies that could help us get there.

Thanks for watching and have an excellent rest of your week.

Life is a Scratch-Off | Human Trafficking in the GOP and the Myth of Private Property

Welcome Back!  In this week's episode, we cover current events including the bombing in Afghanistan, the new movie The Suicide Squad, and more.  Following this, we talk a bit about Anton "Tony" Lazzaro and his arrest for multiple charges of sex trafficking of a minor.  He is linked to the former head of the Minnesota GOP, Jennifer Carnahan and was mentioned as part of a conspiracy theory on Tucker Carlsen's show.  How rampant is this sort of corruption in politics?  In the second half of the show, we talk a little bit of political theory in relation to the fact that upward mobility in the U.S. has been going down for quite some time.  I contend that the basis of capitalism, private property rights, are essentially a myth promoted throughout history by people with power over those without.  Maybe I'm dead wrong...let me know what you think.  We had an awesome time with this one, and we hope you enjoy the show.  Have an excellent rest of your week.

Haiti is Cursed | Win by Sharing | Afghanistan Opportunities Missed

Welcome back!  In this week's episode we start out by covering a few current events including more devastation taking place in the country of Haiti, a new robotic buffalo in the military, a bomb threat on the library of congress, plus more.  Next we dive into a discussion about an economics concept called The Prisoner's Dilemma, which is the basis for a British game show called split or steal.  We talk about the economics principal that this stems from, the Tragedy of the Commons, and apply the concept to the modern world.  The second half of the show is a look at the history of Afghanistan in some more detail, including the Soviet involvement, the Madrasas, the ethnic groups and their geographical separation, as well as U.S. involvement and our role in the crisis.  We then go over each of the missed opportunities that existed for a peaceful settlement between the Taliban and the west, including offers to turn over Bin Laden as well as offers to surrender made by the Taliban.  We had an awesome time filming this one and I know you will enjoy the show.  Have an excellent rest of your week. Our Homepage

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